General Alterations and Repairs

01 Alterations

Most garments can be altered if the are in a reasonable condition, most common alteration are taking in or letting out, shortening sleeves, or trousers, reshaping e.g tapering legs on trousers ect,

02 Hems 


When I have to re hem a garment after shortening I will always copy the original hem as close as possible or exactly the same. 

03 Zippers & Buttons repair or replace


Broken or lost buttons can be sewn on with an exact or close match or all buttons replaced with matching ones. I can replace broken zips on trousers, jeans, jackets and coats etc

05 Repairs


Sometimes a garment will need a repair,  e.g seams can need re sewing , patches on that favorite pair of jeans, holes in things, jumpers that require darning....and many more. I'm happy to tackle most mending jobs .