Wedding Dresses , Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Prom...etc

Wedding Dress on Headless Mannequin

01 Alterations


I've been doing wedding alterations for over 15 years , in that time I have encountered many challenges, I always say if it has been sewn together it can be altered, so don't worry if your dress is not fitting well, the final result will fit perfectly, 

Wedding Dress

02 Hems & Linings


Some hems are complicated, they might have a lace finish that requires removing and reattaching, Chiffon can also be challenging. Some dresses have multiple layers and linings so all layers are shortened equally.

03 Zippers & Buttons

Dresses with zip fastening have to be perfectly fitted, corset back dresses have a little more  give , I can convert zip dresses to corset back or corset backs to zip . Dresses with zip fasteners can have buttons sewn on either as decoration or with elastic loops so that they do up over the zip. 


04 Beadwork and Lace


Dresses that need altering  with bead work or lace , in most cases the beads or lace will have to be removed while being altered, then sewn back in position when finished.

Wedding Rings

I also provide a Steaming Service - Prices on request